It’s Late Night at The Pocket!

Out on the town and not quite ready to go home? Join us for some great lineups of comedy and at a great price!

Friday and Saturday nights at 11:15 p.m., doors open at 10:45’ish for food & beverage.

Comedy for adults, all of our Late Night shows are rated “R”


#1. Anyone 17 or older is welcome to our Late Night Shows. But remember - the Shows are usually rated "R."

#2. We do I.D., so, be prepared.

#3. Obnoxious behavior or crude or obscene language will not be tolerated.

#4. There is a one-item minimum order. It can be a $7.95 order of nachos, or a $2.50 soft drink, but you gotta do it. Come on, big spender...


“The Last Call Comedy Showcase” - Stay tuned to 2014 for more laughter from Last Call!

Uncensored stand-up after dark, featuring rotating groups of Dallas most talented rising comedy stars. The comics have performed at major comedy clubs and small theatres all over the country and have been labeled witty, hysterically funny, charming and outrageous by comedy critics. Make ‘em prove it! $12/”R”

“The Victims” – September 27 & 28, October 18 & 19, November 29 & 30

... You’ll “die laughing” as you enjoy the productions of The Alternative Comedy Theater, bringing highly theatrical, unscripted comedic mayhem to the world. Performing regularly in Dallas and at comedy festivals and venues all over the country The Victims are a monthly favorite at The Pocket. If you like great comedians and laughter (who doesn’t?!!) you’ll love The Victims! $12/$7 with student ID, “R”

Steven Jay Crabtree in "Dysfunctional Divas" – October 4 & 5

Come trick or treat with Warrior Woman, Trayla Park, Martini Glass and Side PonyTailGirl! Steven Jay Crabtree unleashes his "Dysfunctional Divas" with some early Halloween fun. Martini will be taking requests to do scenes from her scariest movies, horrors! Join Persephone Styx with some ghost busting as she takes you through a haunted house. Come on, join the “ghouls,” it'll be a wicked funny night! You’ll have a gay ‘ol time! Rated R. Tickets are $12.00 (plus a one-item minimum)

"Plan 69 From Outer Space" – October 25 & 26, Nov. 1 & 2, Nov. 8 & 9

“Plan 69 From Outer Space” one of our zany, fun popcorn tossers by Dennis G.W. Millegan, Late Night at The Pocket! Alien women set out to conquer Earth using their natural talents and superior minds. $15

“Lugo and Long” – Nov. 15 & 16

Two of the Pocket’s favorite crazies, David Lugo and Andy Long, continue their late night craziness. These two popular local comics will hilariously assault your politically correct sensibilities with their Comedy for Adults. The show is rated R & R (for riotous and raunchy), and is guaranteed to cure your what ails ya! $15/“R.”

“Sherlock Holmes vs. Godzilla” – August 2 & 3, 9 & 10, 16 & 17

The Pocket’s known for it’s ever popular, infamous melodramas, and now it’s a treat for our late night crowds! Holmes and Watson fight the greatest evil yet in this spooflicious comedy. Time travelers, a fictional giant lizard and a villain from drive-in movies challenge our deductive hero with evil and seduction of every stripe. Watson helps as best he can but is distracted by the call of the wild in the form of both robotic seductresses and an unwillingly cross-dressed assistant. Holmes will face Godzilla and his own gooey inner demons to save the world from its farcical fate. Will good defeat evil? Come on down and see! Tickets are $15.

“The Lollie Bombs” – October 11 & 12, December 20 & 21

Celebrate Halloween with the “ghouls” on October 11 & 12 and then join Santa’s vixens on December 20 & 21. A modern day burlesque troupe with the shimmy and shake of traditional old-time burlesque and the twist of modern dance (with a sense of humor.) Let them take you back to the Good Old Days Of Burlesque with their holiday and special themes. No two shows are alike. $20-$30. VIP Seating Available/”R”

New Late Night Christmas Melodrama! “Flynt Saves Christmas” by Dennis Millegan. – December 6 & 7 & 13 & 14

“Flynt” is a comedy spoof of spy films and Christmas specials. Santa Claus is kidnapped by a deranged megalomaniac who intends to steal Christmas and keep it for himself. Where else can you throw popcorn at Santa and still get something under the tree! Rated R. Tickets are $15

“SETH BROCK COMEDY” – September 20 & 21

Seth Brock, quickly becoming an all-time Dallas favorite comic with his stand up comedy show starring an array of local talent and hosted by Vince Quick. Always with some very special, very funny guests.This 2 hour comedy show starts at 11:00 p.m. Doors open for food and beverage at 10:45. $12 cover with a one item minimum.

THAT’S IT FOR NOW. PLEASE STAY TUNED. We are always interested in new talent. If you are funny, have something to show us and have a following, give us a shout! We won’t make you rich or famous (who knows?!!) but you will have the time of your life! Email


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BOX OFFICE: (214) 821-1860 (2:00 - 6:00 P.M. DAILY)