MULDROW Related Families:

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John2 Muldrow (Muldrough), son of John The Elder of Darlington,SC, married Mary Ellison. Their son, Simon3, m. Louisa Cannon. Simon and Louisa moved to Mississippi.

William2 Muldrow (Muldrough), son of John The Elder of Darlington,SC (brother to John above), married Elizabeth Ellison. Their daughter, Ann, married Hugh Cannon.

Truncated family line:

 1  John McMuldrough The Elder
..2  John Muldrough, Darlington, married Mary Ellison
....3   Simon C. Muldrow m. Louisa Adaline Cannon
..2  William Muldrough, Darlington married Elizabeth Ellison 
....3   Ann Muldrow  m. Oct. 1809 to Hugh Ervin Cannon 
.......4    William Muldrow Cannon m. Margaret Jane Ervin
..........5   Capt. Hugh Cannon